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We know that one of the biggest concerns about using a lawyer is the cost. We will always be as open and transparent as possible in respect of our costs. We will provide an estimate at the outset and review this periodically as your matter progresses.

We are always happy to set a costs limit beyond which we will not go without a further discussion and revised estimate being provided.

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Fees Overview

We understand that the costs of legal advice and representation is always a concern. Having complete control over the costs of your divorce or family matter can make a considerable difference to the experience of using a lawyer to assist with your relationship and children issues.

You can consult us as much or as little as you need to. We are happy to provide one-off advice at any stage or just represent you at a court hearing or at a particular point in negotiations with the other party or their lawyer. We will assist you in considering which tasks you are able to take on yourself and advise you when it is prudent to consider expert legal advice, drafting of documents and legal discussions or to be represented at court.

We can offer fixed fees for specified stages in the process so that you can choose which tasks you can take on yourself and when you want us to act. This enables you to decide in advance where you will get the best value for your money and so retain control of your budget throughout.

If you want us to take over your case entirely we will provide a detailed costs estimate at the outset and review this with you regularly to ensure you are kept informed of progress and made aware of any variation in the estimate, and the reasons for it, at the earliest possible stage. We will always try to offer a fixed fee for the work if that is your preference.

One of our most popular options is to have a detailed written advice, often called Counsel’s opinion, at the outset so that you have a document to be able to digest at your own pace and refer back to whilst discussions with your spouse or mediation sessions are ongoing. We offer this for a fixed fee.

We will send you a questionnaire so you can provide us with full details of your circumstances and highlight the issues you are most concerned about. We will then provide you a detailed written advice informing you of the relevant issues in your case, how a court would approach the matter, outlining your options, or lack of options, the strengths and weaknesses in your case and the next steps should you wish to take matters further.

Fixed Fee Uncontested Divorce – £750+VAT

If you are the applicant (person who initiates the divorce) we can deal with your divorce for a fixed fee – you will also have to pay the court fee to issue the divorce – currently £593.

If you are the Respondent (your spouse is divorcing you) we can deal with this for you for a fixed fee of £300+VAT.


If you have an agreement with your spouse about financial issues such as what happens to the house, will you share pensions, is spousal maintenance going to be paid, it is vital you have a financial consent order. We can make the agreement legally binding for you for a fixed fee. We will review your needs and agree a fixed fee with you to give you peace of mind and full control of the costs. You will also have to pay the court fee for a Judge to approve your agreement – currently £53.


Initial 2o minute telephone consultation, to discuss your situation generally and inform you about the relevant issues, the options available to you and likely costs.


Telephone appointment, or face to face at our offices if you prefer, to discuss your situation in detail. We will ask you to provide us with some basic personal details prior to this discussion in order that we can consider your situation and be able to draw your attention to the most relevant aspects and likely issues based on the information provided. This will give you expert advice specifically tailored to your needs to enable you to make a fully informed decision about how to proceed. The consultation will last up to an hour. If you decide to proceed in instructing us to deal with your matter, this fee will be credited against your ongoing costs.

Additional information on fees

When dealing with cases about children the general rule is that each party pays their own costs regardless of the outcome.

This rule also applies to financial issues so it is very unusual for the court to make an order that the other party pays the costs of any court hearings dealing with financial claims that arise out of the divorce proceedings. An order that one party pays the costs of the other party would generally only be made if one party has failed to adhere to court directions or timescales, or to make full and frank disclosure about their financial circumstances.  Generally you will each be paying your own costs out of your share of the matrimonial assets and/or your own income, this ‘rule’ is to encourage the parties to reach agreement at an early stage and not engage in adversarial or less relevant communications if they can be avoided.

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A big thank you to Lisa for the help in my daughters divorce. Highly recommended.
Mr K.B.
Thank you so very much for your expert advice and guidance over the past 3 years. As I say I just can’t believe what an amazing effect it has had on me since walking from the court yesterday! I don’t mind saying as I walked back to the car park I shed a few tears of total relief of my nightmares finally coming to an end! Life can now start again and I can look forward with so much more positivity and control of it.
Mr J.S.
Going through any legal battle is difficult at best, but when it involves family and children it is somewhat made even more difficult. What you get from Lisa is someone who takes time to listen, to gauge the important issues and to advise accordingly, but with a sense that she knows your view and knows exactly what will be best for all parties. Totally professional in every aspect and fantastic in court. Without her approach the whole episode would have been far worse to get through. Highly recommended is an understatement.
Mr H.H.

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